Lash Bath

Well here we are! Lash bath explained. 

Lets start here, first thing first. Put a drop of adhesive onto your jade stone and let it sit. After some time your going to notice that there will be a white residue around the drop of adhesive forming. 

Now, just think... We are adhering every single lash and this residue from the cyanoacrylate is on every individual lash that we are applying too. This over time will eventually cause allergies. This can happen weeks, months are even years later. 

This is where the lash bath is the savior of most saviors. We are cleaning away that residue and not subjecting our clients to the residue for the next 24/48 hours. PHEW! I promise this is NOT going to affect your retention. How so? Here you go...

WAIT 5 MINUTES from the time you applied your last lash! So finish up your application, remove patches, show your clients their new beautiful lashes, let them admire them for a moment while your clearing your lash station. THEN, put some lash shampoo onto the eyelid and clean away gently with a lash brush, rinse with water, dry with fan and fluff! Have them open. They will feel so much more refreshed! Just ask them. Retention will be so much better, less redness and so much more! No more residue just sitting. 

Stay tuned for a video showing you step by step!